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Shannon O'Donnell Though I am often 金宝搏188滚球手机版traveling in far-flung places,I am never far from the internet.This page sharesmy current 金宝搏188滚球手机版travel location and projects.

If you want to get in touch,you're in the right place.This page shares contact details for 金宝搏188滚球手机版travelers,for volunteers,for media,and for speaking enquiries.

For 金宝搏188滚球手机版Travelers

I love hearing from readers,your successes and your 金宝搏188滚球手机版travels.Since the first day I launched this site,I have read and responded to every single email and comment.From those emails,I compiled a massiveon this site (40,000+ words).It sharesheapsof answers to common questions.I also compiled advice and answers to commonvolunteering questions here,and I have a resource page forresponsible 金宝搏188滚球手机版travelers,,digital nomads,and188bet金宝搏亚洲体育登陆bloggers,too.Please research your questions first using these links before emailing me.

This decade plus of working on the road has given meserious RSI and tendonitis,so it sometimes takes me a few weeks to respond to emails,but I always do.Every question you ask and thought you share,I will answer.You can share something that resonated,vent if needed,ask a question not covered in the free resources,or email to talk 188金宝搏官网about ways we might work together.Email me hereand I will give you my time and knowledge as best as possible to connect you to the right people and information.我使用my Facebook pageto announce upcoming meet-ups,and you can also reach out via any of my social media platforms.:)

For Media/Other

I work as a freelance 金宝搏188滚球手机版travel writer and speaker —recent press,media,and my contact details are here.

My portfolio and personal site is

Pleaseemail meif you'd like to work together.

Note: I do not accept advertising,press releases,link requests,guest posts,or sponsored posts on this site.If you email me for these purposes,I will send your email to spam.

For Speaking

I have spoken at schools,universities,and conferences all over the world.

I'd love to work with you!Please seemy speaking pagefor more details and direct contact information.

Other places you can find me:

You can find mylocation and 金宝搏188滚球手机版travel plans here,as well as all of my current projects.

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